Benefits of API Networks

API is everywhere and touching everything online right now and the most exciting aspect is that this is also true for relocation.

Our platform is based on an open architecture allowing for real-time connections with clients and partners opening a world of 24/7 actions and activity.

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Real-time data

Bringing data to life to enhance every service & relocation

Example of this in Practice

A current client has an API connection in place allowing for the following to take place.

Lines showing the connection of devices
  1. Assignee relocation is approved on their platform

  2. The relevant GDPR correct data is then passed instantly to our platform

  3. The assignee is instantly provided with a unique login to MoveWise

  4. Once connected they are greeted with an custom landing page reflecting their needs and housing support

  5. They can adjust and change their preferences as much as they wish and confirm to us their housing needs, such as booking dates for the search, through to shortlisting homes that best suit their needs and much more

  6. All services can be completed 24/7 and the process takes seconds ensuring an outstanding user experience

Ask us about how to connect your & our systems for a true flow of data instantly.