Assignee Experience

As a company, we are the perfect blend of people who have been expats or were born, or brought up in multiple locations around the world as well as having worked for leading suppliers and Corporate Clients globally.

We understand the issues around relocation as we have lived it, but we also love it. Looking for your new home is incredibly personal, and the closer we can get to know your preferences, the better the end solution can be.

Our Promise To You

We understand it’s our job to make sure every assignee are the right place, at the right time, in the right frame of mind to achieve their business goals.

Our company promises are based on the four ‘s’’s, namely -

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Before Relocating

Before moving to a new country or even a new location within the same country, a wave of questions are fighting for answers. How can we help?

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When You Arrive

You will be provided with a single point of contact, who will stay with you throughout every aspect of your relocation.

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When You Are Here

Whether you are living in a home managed by us or not, we will be there supporting a wide range of issues and services.

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Your Family

Our schooling support ensures that any age of child will be supported in locating the right school. Whether this is state, private or international, our team have the answers.

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When You Leave

Leaving to move on to a new location or returning home can raise as many questions as arriving. We will know you well by now so supporting you will continue to be a pleasure.

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Area Guides

Moving to the UK can seem to lead to more questions than answers. What is required is a database of core information on over 800 locations across the UK, which grows year on year; links to all the key sites that offer a wealth of information and the ability to access this from any device anywhere in the world.

Our Commitment

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Humanity - “We never forget this is a human experience”

(EMPATHY: Human + applied knowledge + reduced anxiety = peace of mind)

PROCESS - “Purpose designed procedures & process that work the way assignees work”

(EFFECTIVE: Digital + accurate systems + knowledge + reliability = peace of mind)