Since 2001 we have helped relocate tens of thousands of assignees with many being part of a larger project or relocation requirement.

Include here are a selection of case studies from a range of leading companies.

We would be delighted to speak to you about how we can provide the perfect tailored solution.

Case Study 1

German Commercial Bank

Icon has recently coordinated a Group Move for a major German bank, heavily involved in the shipping, transportation and energy industries. Over recent years the bank has had an increasing presence in the City of London.

Case Study 2

Large Mutual Fund Manager

Icon Relocation was selected as the relocation partner for one of the UK’s largest mutual fund managers in 2005 and provides a bespoke Corporate Housing Solution at locations in Kent, Surrey and London which remains an on-going service to the present day.

Case Study 3

Multi-National Retail Stores Group

One of the UK’s largest supermarket chains has been working closely together for most of Icon Relocation’s history Both the range of services provided to the company, and the volume of relocations handled annually has overall increased significantly since the start of this project.