Case Studies

Case Study

German Commercial Bank

Icon has recently coordinated a Group Move for a major German bank, heavily involved in the shipping, transportation and energy industries. Over recent years the bank has had an increasing presence in the City of London.

What was the client’s requirements?

A group of staff were required to be transferred successfully and quickly from Germany to the London office to set up a new department in the city. This cultural understanding was very important in empathising with the assignees, addressing their concerns and highlighting the differences between the property markets in Germany and the UK. This attention to detail was essential to ensure that all transferees and their families were quickly able to settle in to life in London, and become productive in their new roles.

How was the solution provided?

Icon has a number of staff members who have worked overseas, and dedicated a relocation manager to the project who had lived and worked in Germany.
A key element of a successful family transition is the selection of suitable schooling, to ensure continuity with the child’s home school system. Icon is adept at identifying appropriate schooling places based on the specific needs of the family, and then finding properties within easy commuting distance of the school. In this instance Icon was able to place many of the children into the German School in Richmond, enabling them to continue within their home curriculum and minimise disruption to their studies.

What was the overall benefit of this approach?

Commenting on the success of the move, the HR Manager stated;

“We have recently relocated a whole department from Germany to Central London and are pleased with the results Icon provided, not just finding the right accommodation in the right place, but in dealing with the shipping and safe transfer of our colleagues home contents. Icon Relocation has provided a personal service to each individual, and has been on hand to help every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend Icon”.