Corporate Housing - but not as you know it

Assignee housing solutions that are ‘proven’ to save time & money

Icon Relocation over decades have managed hundreds of homes for clients such as Tesco, Pizza Hut, Cognizant & Atos, to name just a few. All benefit from considerable cost savings, making us the market leader for this solution.

With two decades of experience, our perfect corporate assignment solution allowing your assignees to Arrive & Thrive. You’ll love our beehive solution for transient assignees who ‘fly in’ & ‘fly out’. We rent, manage and retain a selection of accommodation on your behalf, which gives huge advantages.

In fact we are so confident that we can & will save ‘you’ money on housing your assignees we invite you to put us to the test by asking for a costing model comparing us against serviced accommodation options.

2018 EMMA Award Winning Service


Beehive Solution for transient assignees

You will love our Beehive solution for transient ASSIGNEE'S who ‘fly in’ & ‘fly out’. We rent, manage & retain a selection of accommodation on your behalf.


Hotels and serviced accommodation have their strengths but are not cost effective if the stay is longer than a few nights.

Our award-winning corporate housing solution is proven to save money (up to 40%), been perfected over two decades and backed by an outstanding digital platform with instant access for everyone.

Having a housing solution in place to allow all your assignees to arrive and settle into their new location quickly and effectively is vital but is also the preferred option for everyone.

Our solution has constantly been enhanced year on year; supporting over 10,000 assignees to date via hundreds of properties, all whilst saving our clients time and money. It’s testimony to how successful this continues to be.

8 Benefits of Corporate Housing

Internal view of a sitting room

1 - What you want; where you want it

Decades of experience allows us to provide corporate housing from major cities to rural locations.

Bed in a bedroom

2 - Furnished to your budget

Looking for high end items or good standard furniture, Icon will furnish each & every property 100% the same or individually tailored to meet your needs.

Bowls of food on a table

3 - Multi occupancy

Choose if you prefer the property to be for just one person, or for two or more sharing.

Person cleaning a room

4 - Choose cleaning frequency

Arrange for a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any other variable to meet your & the assignees needs & budget. Linen change? Not a problem.

Wall with over 200 keys hanging on hooks

5 - Check in; Check out

Assignee staying for a week or so. No problem. Next person staying for 6 months. Easy. You are in control


6 - Proven cost savings

Up to 40% savings have been proven & demonstrated for our clients compared with Serviced Accommodation

Property Management and MoveWise applications shown ona PC screen

7 - Outstanding software solutions

Every aspect tracked and managed through our outstanding MoveWise platform allowing for all aspects to be delivered perfectly.


8 - Single monthly invoice

Rent, all utilities, cleaning & more are all rolled into a single monthly invoice. Also just ask for a fixed nightly rate set to cover everything.

No surprises, just easy invoicing & reporting


What length of stay is best?

Any need, where the length of the housing requirement is for 6 months or longer will save you money.

Rotate your staff as often as required. A few nights or a few months, to as long as you want; you decide. Every step of the way will be managed fully by our team making the whole process extremely simple.

From a few nights to a few years; Icon’s Corporate Housing delivers savings & an outstanding assignee experience

From a few nights to a few years; Icon’s Corporate Housing delivers savings & an outstanding assignee experience

The properties are all

  • Managed by us

  • With cleaning and maintenance solutions in place

  • All payments completed

  • Outstanding software for the client

Plus the assignee benefits from a revolving door arrangement allowing them to come and go.

This really is the perfect corporate solution.

The benefits include

  • Any property, anywhere

  • Up to 40% savings

  • 24/7 app and voice assignee helpline

  • Single monthly invoice

  • Sensitively furnished as required

  • Cleaning & maintenance

  • Check in & check out


Example of how this saves money; never affects quality

One of our clients requested support for a two bedroom apartment; fully furnished, cleaned on an agreed schedule, monthly inspection, specialist cookware installed, meet & greet on arrival and fully managed by Icon Relocation.

In the same building is an identical serviced accommodation. Below is the cost difference.

Graphic comparing the costs of corporate housing and serviced accommodation. Overall corporate housing saving of £18,000 over a 6 month period.

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(Meet ‘some’ of the team…)

(Meet ‘some’ of the team…)

Meet & Greet

Our commitment for all our clients is to ensure that the assignee is in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind to achieve their business goals.

The day the assignee arrives into their new country and location can be both stressful and time consuming. Every effort that can be made to manage the experience will ensure a better outcome and relocation.

what defines our Meet & Greet service?

Designed to work in perfect harmony with our Home Finding, Self-Managed and Corporate Housing solutions, the assignee will be met in person by a team member at any agreed location (airport, hotel, office or the new home) to oversee the transfer of keys, walk them through their new home offering guidance on how heating systems and all equipment works.

However, the support can & usually does cover core support such as

  • Addressing many of the Settling In support they need

  • Covering local services & amenities

  • Rubbish & recycling matters

  • Commuting matters

  • Many cultural matters which can be discussed in person at their new home

The Meet & Greet support is ideally linked to a range of outstanding solutions, which are low in cost but high in assignee delight.

Welcome Packs

A custom build pack of groceries, cleaning and related products brought and pre-installed into the new home for the assignee. Packs can be at any agreed price and often can reflect certain food requirements such as – vegan, vegetation, regional food preferences and much more

Regional Kitchen Packs

Many nationalities prefer certain kitchen items to be installed. From coffee makers to Indian cookware, any preferred items can be purchased by Icon and installed in advance of the assignee’s arrival.

As the leading experts in this, ask us as to how some of the best packs could look like and what’s included. The costs as mentioned are low, the assignee experience as a result.

Everything taken care of

HAnd holding phone showing the MAintenance App Icon use

‘Free’ 24/7 Reporting App

Every assignee with client approval will be provided with our ‘Maintenance App’ allowing them to report any issues 24/7.


Award Winning Service for Tesco

2018 EMMA Awards.jpg

Tesco & Icon Relocation Winners

Our Corporate Housing solution for Tesco received the highest industry award by winning the Vendor Partnership EMMA. Ask how we could offer you an award winning solution.