Cost Leadership

Icon Relocation has a long successful history of managing real product development to increase the assignee experience alongside true innovation in the deliver of our services to our clients.

Two women sitting together working

However, this has always been married to ensuring the we deliver of true cost leadership requirements, driving down all related and connected costs.

This is not just a helpful side outcome, but has always been central to our approach. Cost reductions models can be shared on how these have been achieved for our clients and their assignees repeatedly.

Just a few examples include -

  1. £205k saving on serviced accommodation

  2. £40k was negotiated in rent reductions in just one week

  3. 91% reduction in commissioned days in finding a rental home

Perhaps advertising them on our site for other relocation companies to develop their thinking from is not the best solution, however, just ask us for examples by using the form below and we would be delighted to share a report with how to drive down costs with you.