Departure Services

The assignment is coming to an end; but the relocation support doesn’t.

A full range of solutions are in place to support the departure of the rental home.

Portrait of Sarah Charlton

Support right to the end of the rental term

Meet the Team - Sarah Charlton

The moving out process in practice starts the moment the rental contract starts. Deposit management is a full-term process ensuring that the right actions take place to ensure the end of the rental term goes as smoothly as the start.

Ask for details of any of the following -

  1. How to minimise the loss on deposit

  2. What is the best way of giving notice, regardless of who's name this is in

  3. How to prepare for the check out and what actions should be completed in advance?

  4. If there are dilapidation, do you have to accept the quote provided?

  5. Support regarding the rental contract and any related clauses that may be required to be investigated

  6. Cleaning needs before and at the point of departure


Departing a home is potentially the exciting start of the next journey, Our support allows this to be a truly positive experience.