Global Partnership Agreement

Fundamental Approach

In order to contribute to ensuring we always put the best interests of our clients and their assignees first, it is important that our global partners have a strong awareness of our company values & ethics.

Our commitment is to operate in an open & close way with our partners worldwide. We do this by sharing and working together to enhance the service and experience. Together we can offer to build a strong and close relationships and to deliver the highest service level possible through a relationship of mutual trust.

It remains our fundamental approach ensures that all our partners are involved in fair and transparent competition to allow for our clients needs and culture to be understood and respected.

Global Code of Conduct

ICON Relocation is proud to work with some of the best companies and individuals within the UK and globally. It is our close working partnership that allows for growth of our respective businesses, plus ensuring that our clients feel supported and respected.

To ensure that best practice is in place, it requests that all our partners read and review this document. If there are any aspects that are of concern, then we welcome you to contact us.

ICON Relocation Mission Statement

Our Mission: To be the best relocation company as judged by our clients and prospective clients. To provide a service that exceeds expectations of both the assignee and our corporate client regardless of their needs or destinations.

Expected Business Practices

It is expected that all our partners and any related subcontractors ensure that every aspect of their conduct complies with both local and national law in the country in which they are operating. Furthermore, not only should the laws be followed, but the tone, nature and ethics around the laws must be equally respected. All clients, whether they are UK based or global, will be required to ensure this is followed by their own actions.


It is vital that ICON Relocation are provided with a copy of your car & any other relevant insurance documentation to confirm that you have the correct cover to protect any clients in your car.

Driving License

It is your responsibility to ensure that we are notified at once of any driving convictions/penalties that have taken place that may have any possible bearing on the ability to drive or complete your required duties.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is a requirement not only to our clients and their relocating staff, but also to all our partners and subcontractors regarding the arrangements in place with their own employees. All companies must comply with the health & safety requirement in place in their country and/or local laws as applicable.

Minimum Wage

Many countries globally, will have legislation in place regarding minimum wages for all employees. They may also extend to terms & conditions of employment. It is vital that all our partners globally, follow and respect both the laws of the country in question but also the culture and ethics surrounding these subjects.

Employee Rights

All employees are to be ensured of their rights relating to matters including but not limited to areas of gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and age.

General Data Protection Regulations

ICON Relocation suppliers and their subcontractors must secure all private and confidential information in their possession, use it per our instructions and safeguard it from unapproved or unintended disclosure. This obligation continues after our business relationship ends.

Green Issues

ICON Relocation takes seriously all matters relating to ensuring both the carbon footprint of us and our partners are minimised, and we welcome all suggestions and best practice to ensure that all environmental aspects are respected.

Minimum Age of Employees

It is expected that no employee would be in place for any of our partners globally, where the age is below the minimum age of employment, or when that person is expected to be within full time schooling. Laws will vary globally but we would request all our partners to inform us if local laws would allow for any employee to be engaged in work for ICON or our clients, if the person is below 16 years of age.

Anti-Corruption Policy

ICON Relocation and all our clients take every aspect of activity relating to corruption extremely seriously. It is a fact that bribery and corruption is unfortunately a fact of life in many locations around the world. However, it is vital that no action ever takes place where one of our partners has acted in such a way that could lead to any other party viewing us as giving a form of payment or providing benefits. To be clear, to not complete any action that would be seen as breaking Anti-Corruption policies.

At no stage would fraud, money laundering, bribery or inappropriate gifts being presented or any other equal arrangement be considered acceptable. If any action takes place by one of our partners subcontractor, which is considered potentially suspicious, then it is expected that this will be reported immediately to ICON Relocation so this in turn can be reported to our clients.

Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is designed to tackle slavery in the UK and consolidates previous offences relating to trafficking and slavery. Icon Relocation would report any such suspected breaches under this legislation to the Modern Slavery Helpline on + 44 (0)800 0121 700


If in doubt…

ICON Relocation holds our partners in the highest esteem, which is why we are proud to work closely with you. However, if any action or event takes place that is unusual or should be discussed for clarity, we encourage you to feel comfortable to speak to us to ensure that between us both, we are doing all we can to support and report correctly to our clients.