Group Moves

Opening doors to your assignees new home


Group company relocation’s require a completely different planning that a standard home search or removals solution.

It is for this reason that we have our group move programme with the core objective of providing a cost effective but high efficient set of solutions for the relocation of teams or groups globally or domestically.

Meet the Team - Rachael DeCourcy

Meet the Team - Rachael DeCourcy

The Group Move Programme

  • A dedicated point of contact will be provided

  • Planning and consultancy support to build the ideal programme

  • All services tailored and adjusted to meet your needs

  • Technology used to support the programme & where required, custom build solutions can be uniquely developed

  • Decades of experience in managing allows for other best practices to be shared

  • Focus on high assignee experience and cost saving leadership for all

  • 24/7 support programmes put in place through out the process

  • Full settling in support provided


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KCC moved a whole team into Kent with over 50 home searches split into different groups & arrival dates were commissioned. Each group were to take place on the same day/s all over the county. Every assignee found a home on budget and in the right locations.