Courier Services Benefits

Quick, easy & cost efficient removals

International courier services are for many, the perfect solution for those requiring a limited amount of removal items to be transferred regardless of whether this is via air and/or road freight and looking for cost effective solutions.

Every assignee’s personal effects can be supported by a bespoke package allowing for the right combination of services to be offered and managed.

Service Options

  • Packaging material delivered globally

  • Assignee able to self pack or commission this to be managed for them

  • Self -packing option allows for a reduce costs

  • Allows for a simple collection process.

  • Managed customs paperwork on behalf of the assignee

  • Insurance addressed by Icon

  • Delivery process offered in a flexible format


Who Would benefit?

Ideal for graduates who are relocating on a budget or those on a lump sum corporate policy or self-managed service.

Terrain map of the world


Best rate located; insurance activated; all managed by your dedicated point of contact