Case Studies

Case Study

Multi-National Retail Stores Group

One of the UK’s largest supermarket chains has been working closely together for most of Icon Relocation’s history Both the range of services provided to the company, and the volume of relocations handled annually has overall increased significantly since the start of this project.

What was the client’s requirements?

In common with other major international companies, IT provision is outsourced to India, to the Group Service Centre in Bangalore. Project staff from the Service Centre move to the UK – often with minimal notice - for short term assignments ranging from 2 to 6 months. The location in question provided limited number of hotels and the ones that are available where seen as too costly.

How was the solution provided?

Icon Relocation searches for and secures suitable properties, undertakes all lease negotiations, contract review, approval and sign-off, and then manages and maintains the properties on an ongoing basis.

As well as settling all property related invoices on behalf of the client, Icon directly engages contractors for maintenance works, and a cleaning arm ensures that all properties are thoroughly cleaned before handing back at the end of a tenancy and between each assignees departure and the next person’s arrival. This proactive approach ensures that dilapidations are minimised and excellent relationships established with local landlords.

The use of two bedroom apartments for single project staff means daily rates of less than £30 per person per night compared with hotel rates in the area of £70 per night. With an achievable target for hotel use by incoming staff of one night, Icon demonstrated cost savings to the client in excess of £1 million in 2007/2008 compared to the cost of hotel accommodation over the same period. This saving has been reflected on each subsequent year whilst enhancing the overall experience of staying in the properties resulting in outstanding assignee feedback.

What was the overall benefit of this approach?

The overall cost saving to the company has been considerable, alongside a much improved experience for the relocating assignee with extremely high feedback scores. This is turn has helped promote the benefits of taking a UK assignment within the company.

The Bangalore based Head of Facilities & Support has stated: -

“We started operations in India in 2003 and Icon Relocation has partnered with us throughout, supporting all our requirements relating to accommodation and relocation. All employees have reported satisfaction in all areas of activity and Icon has provided innovative ideas and mutually beneficial solutions to all challenges.”