Getting to Know Us

The best way to know any company is by their values. These are not just statements but echo how any action & development takes place. Nothing happens in the company without it ensuring it reflects our values. So, what are they? 

Mission Statement

  • Making sure assignees are in the right place, at the right time, in the right frame of mind to achieve their business goals


  • To build our business to be the innovate force in relocation for the benefit of our our clients


  • Humanity - Treating everyone, from clients to assignees, to our staff to our global partners with respect

  • Dedication - To treat every service regardless of the fee or income equally in value and commitment

  • Creativity - Encourage fresh thinking and that anyone can not only change the business but our clients experience

  • Consideration - Take time to understand peoples needs and cultures to improve all service delivery

  • Flexibility - Traditional ways of managing relocation is no refection on how it could/should be provided


  • Lead - To be a thought leader in the industry with clients & assignee’s. Never follow when it can/should be done better

  • Innovate - Every service for every client can be enhanced; innovation is at its heart

  • Simplify - Work to ensure that even complex services are clear & presented simply to improve the experience for all

  • Usability - Ensure that every service & software operates how it is expected