Rental Contract Validation & Lease Renewal

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Don’t hope for the best contract; make sure of it



Contrary to common public opinion, most of the UK letting agents are focused on delivering the highest quality service possible.

However, in every occasion they work for the landlord and never for the assignee, which results in the fact that the rental contact ‘might’ not be acting in the assignees best interests.

How often is a rental contract issued that is subject to adjustment or negotiations?

In our internal study, the past rolling year demonstrated that over 68% of contracts issued required support in changing them to cover the assignees needs & requirements.

In June 2019, the law on agents’ fees and related costs changed. Now more than ever it remains vital that every rental contract is reviewed for accuracy.

Quality; Proven

Icon Relocation are unique in being the only UK based relocation company that can state

EuRA Global Quality Seal

(industries highest quality standard) PLUS

  1. ARLA qualified Staff

    (letting agents’ certification) PLUS

  2. MIM qualified staff

    (Individual Relocation agents’ certification)

  3. CEO is the Chairman of the ARP

    (Association of Relocation Professionals)

    All of which acts as an assurance ‘the best’ is always just a starting point.

Our award-winning team ensure that for every assignee, whether we provided home search, or secure the home through our Self-Managed platform, each rental contract will be checked and either addressed or reported back to the assignee or HR team with the required changes.

Is this worth using?

Based on the thousands of rental contracts seen & reviewed, with 68% required for adjustment, the amount saved for our clients is in the tens of thousands a year not including the savings around incorrect break clauses that could add months to the final cost.


Is it included in a home search?

All home accompanied and unaccompanied home searches will include a rental review and negotiation as standard unless otherwise requested.

On all self-managed relocation’s, a review and report will be issued to the assignee for them to refer to the letting agent for adjustments unless they opted out of this service. If required, Icon would be delighted to complete the negotiations as well, if commissioned.

Standalone service possible?

Of course. If the rental home has already been located independently from us, then we would still be delighted to ensure that the rental contract is reviewed and reported on.

Our team are trained by ARP & EuRA’s experts, who also are the solicitors to the letting industry. Quality you can be assured of.

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This vital support also is covered by our four S’s service obligation -

Our focus for all our clients is in delivering on the ‘Four S’s’ of -

  • Savings, Service, Software & Satisfaction

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