School Finding

Education Answers for Assignee’s Families

When a family is relocating, finding the right school can be more important than finding the right home.

Ensuring that the assignees family have secured the right schools in the right area at the right time will ensure that the assignee is settled and able to enjoy their stay in the new location.

How can we help?

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Decades of experience in supporting families has ensured that we understand that schooling and home finding need to be addressed in partnership.

  1. Initial call with your dedicated point of contact offering expert advise on the schooling system in the country & city/region you are moving too

  2. Overview as to what system might be best for you, short listing potential schools and areas that would offer your family the best solutions

  3. Working with the housing needs and rental budgets, the correct schools for the family are focused on, schooling data shared, and appointments booked

  4. Accompanied school visits, which can be in partnership with an orientation or home search tour allowing for the perfect service solution to be completed

  5. Full support with school applications, registration and even school payments needs

Our School finding solution is designed around the family, perfectly understanding that the right school for the assignee’s family is part of a wider duty of care.

Ask us for more information on how our School finding service can help the assignee settle into their new location and reach their personal & corporate goals.

Can support…

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International or Domestic

Whether moving within the country or moving to an all new location, support is available

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State or Private Schooling

Regardless of the need is for State schooling options or private or international options, support is available

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Payment Solutions

Any initial charges relating to the schooling place can be paid and charged back to our clients making this even easier to address