Settling in

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Ensuring that living in the new area is as exciting as the relocation


Even when the home finding and removals have been complete, there remains for the assignee a considerable number of areas where help & support is still required.

The Settling In support is designed around the client’s policy and the assignees needs allowing for every assignee to have a dedicated time to address everything that is essential to them being able to focus on their new role & environment fully.

What would be included?

For other relocation companies, opening a bank account would be top of the list, but we see this as essential for the home search to be completed and provide this free of charge when commissioned to locate a new home.

1. The assignees dedicated point of contact will take time to understand the assignees needs

2. Guidance on the best way to address their needs will be discussed

3. Combination of time together touring local amenities & phone support booking and arranging the agreed support

4. Regular communication in the format the assignee and client best preferred (phone, SMS, WhatsApp, conference calls and one to one)

What else could be included?

A full range of solutions are designed to fit in perfectly with our settling in services. These include –

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Partner Support

Our specialist advisory support will work with the assignee’s partner to help support them on career advice, networking ideas and groups as well as any potential volunteer work if this is preferred

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Language Training

A huge range of tailored solutions can be offered including, one to one, small to large groups and on-line learning. Our range of global providers can assist in language development in both the home & host county allowing for their skills to be developed over time

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Cultural Training

Every country has its own culture & customs, even the locations we feel we know well. Through our expert consultants, who all have lived and understand the ways of your new country can be provided in a range of suitable support packages.

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