Communication Options

The options for communication are expanding & many are fully available. SMS, WhatsApp & Live Chat are built into many of our systems, such as MoveWise allowing clients and assignees to communicate with us as preferred.

The benefits are substantial and allows for a wider range of solutions. Examples include –

Woman looking at mobile phone
  1. Updates via SMS on core events to the assignee and/or HR

  2. Automatic reminders of home search dates ‘or’ anything that is preferred

  3. Instant conversations with the Icon dedicated point of contact through our own unique platforms include Live Chat and/or via WhatsApp

  4. Ask any general questions to the team via Live Chat

  5. E-mails remain where required allowing for the right communication system to be used for you

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Outstanding advice & support

Meet the Team - Andrew Wiffen & David McWilliam


Understanding how anyone prefers to obtain core information allows for a wider range of communication channels to be provided. Ask us how you would prefer to be updated.