Multi Quote Storage

Finding the right deal, globally


Storage can be provided by almost any removal company, so how does our approach help ensure the best outcome is always secured?

Our Multi Quote Process is just as valid for locating the best storage rates as it is for the best shipping options. Icon Relocation have strong partnership with many of the world’s leading companies, alongside some of the best but less known providers.

The result is Multi Warehouse options as possible globally (allowing for storage either at the assignees old home or new destination) meaning whichever location matters to them the most.

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Making sure the best option is secured for you

Don’t leave it to chance. Our Multi Quote process will ensure you obtain the best quote for the storage of any items globally.

Partnered with our outstanding insurance designed for storage ensuring that all providers offer all climate controlled weather warehouses and excellent security to the highest levels, not all storage options are the same.

Not sure your assignees are obtaining the best value for their storage? Let us help to see how costs can be managed and quality maintained with a full audit of all storage worldwide.