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Using technology to enhance every relocation

Technology Packages

Icon Relocation are a leading, multi-award winning relocation company. We are also a leader in software development for global mobility allowing for outstanding solutions to be provided but also built and developed as required.

All systems are designed to work in harmony to enhance the relocation experience and all will be provided as standard. However our approach means that the right package of systems can be developed quickly and easily as required.


So what is meant by Technology packages? This is included as standard across all the services; isn’t it?

The answer is yes, but Icon Relocation are not just a multi-award winning relocation & removals company, using the worlds best solutions ‘but’ are also a software development company building answers that aren’t available elsewhere.


  • MoveWise - Our Case Management System but also the Assignee Login platform for their relocation journey

  • DocuWare - Digital filing cabinet for all documentation allowing easy tracking & reporting

  • PropertyHub - Our assignee maintenance tool allowing for any issues to be reported and tracked 24/7

  • Self Selection - Unique software to allow the assignee to locate their own home with full support from Icon

  • SMS & WhatsApp - Confirm how you and your assignees would like to be updated

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Ask for details as to how this could change the way you view your relocation programmes. Our in-house systems have all been developed in close partnership with our clients. However unique solutions can & will be developed in ways that no other relocation company can offer.

Let us walk you through what systems are right for you and how they could enhance any relocation requirement.

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Custom Built

Some of the best software solution have come out of our close partnership with clients working through what is truly required to reach their corporate goals. The result is a range of custom built platforms that are tailored to them. Examples include us building the following for our clients -

  1. Client 1 - Unique Corporate Housing platform

  2. Client 2 - Unique Unaccompanied Home Search platform

  3. Client 3 - Unique Business Traveller platform

All our platforms are bundled together as standard with the system you need included were required.