Visa & Immigration Coordination

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Ensuring the right process & result is located every time


For many relocating assignee’s, there is a clear need for a visa as well as, in many occasions, a work permit prior to a relocation being provided.

This is both a lengthy and complicated process and must always be in line with the changing laws and regulations within the country in question.

Icon Relocation have a long-standing trusted relationship with some of the leading immigration companies allowing for the work permit and visa requirements to be addressed. The close partnership also ensured that all immigration requirements are perfectly married to the relocation and removals service ensuring that the right action is taking place at the right time for every client & assignee.

What is covered?

  • Work & visa permit applications

  • Initial call with the assignee and the client

  • Liaising with all relevant government departments

  • Completion of related forms

How this supports the relocation?

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Best Partnerships

Close partnership with the immigration provider on timings and actions

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Shipments Managed

Shipments addressed at the right time preventing port of arrival difficulties

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Home Searches Managed

Home searches completed at the right time to prevent delays on securing a property

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Costs Managed

Reduction of unnecessary expenses