On Assignment

The relocation process has been completed. Is that the end of our support?

The clear answer is clearly, no. There is so much more we can do to support the relocation through the term.

Portrait of Rebecca Hyland

Support throughout the relocation

Meet the team: Rebecca Hyland

  • Payment Services – On request, the rent, utilities and all related costs can all be paid by Icon Relocation and complied into a single monthly invoice

  • Management Support – With hundreds of properties currently managed, every issue raised from heating problems to cleaning will be completed to your needs

  • Maintenance App – Every assignee can report any concerns with their new home instantly, 24/7 through our dedicated app. Tailored response times can be developed to meet your needs and policy. Ask for a demo

  • Cleaning – On going cleaning needed in the home? Not a problem. Any level of cleaning from weekly tidy up to full end of tenancy can be provided

  • Contract Review – Every year, the contract can be updated as required including any extensions, stamp duty or rent reviews

  • End of Tenancy – Address any requirements when notice is required to be given

  • SMS Updates – Would a text reminder on any core issue be helpful? Just ask and we can arrange for key updates to be shared in the platform of your preference


Not seeing what you need? Then please ask as we provide custom build solutions for many of our clients.