Paperless Processes

Piles of paper

We, like you, take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Furthermore, ensuring we have a paper free office is not just green, it’s just sensible.

Through a combination of a world-class Case Management System (MoveWise), linked to DocuWare (our digital filing system) which in turn is connected to our Accounts Package, there is no requirement for any form, e-mail or invoice to ever be printed.

How does this help you?

Every mail, invoice and form are searchable and reportable through the joint platform allowing for reporting, tracking and data management to reach the highest levels.

Furthermore, we just don’t need to spend time doing filing. All sounds good to us & hopefully to you as well.

E-mail Alternatives

E-Mail is the beating heart of almost all communication so how sensible or even possible is it to state we can operate without it?

Actually, it’s not only possible, it’s also for many clients, the right solution. Linking in using the right platforms is central to how current & future communication can be managed. How? Through the right combination of platforms that meet the clients needs. Current examples include, but not limited too -

  • Slack - A cloud based system capable of replacing e-mail, text messaging and providing instant messaging to both you and our teams

  • Microsoft Teams - Part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Teams is a cloud based platform allowing for business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing

  • SMS & WhatsApp - Not in the same league as the above, but that is not the aim. Simple & quick messages can be shared or reminders passed using the everyday platforms we are comfortable using.

  • Live Chat - Built into both our website and into MoveWise (our assignee service platform) allowing for simple questions to be answered almost instantly.

Line of people at a train station platform all looking at their mobile phones

Communicating is more than just sending an e-mail

We never forget that talking is the best communication format of all time but this can be supported by the best & most user friendly systems

All meet the requirements of being secure & manage data to the highest standards.

Does this mean we don’t use e-mail? No, we still use it and will be for quite a while yet but we are also able to communicate to the highest levels in the ways you want today and into the near future.